How can I promote my Music on Instagram?

Promotional kits for every Musicians that want to increase fans and followers on Instagram (Social Media).

Yes, you can easily promote your Music on Instagram (an image and video based platform) in Coronavirus Pandemic. On Instagram you can easily engage with your old fans and build new fans without going anywhere. During this Coronavirus pandemic it is very difficult, for every musicians to go out and perform their music talent. But, Instagram is a solution that can easily showcase your Guitar, Keyboard, Flute, Drum and other Music instruments talent without spending so much dollars.

Instagram have more than, 1 Billion worldwide users in every single month and 500 million Instagram account uses Instagram Story every day. 90 percent of Instagrammers account follow a local Business and 95% percent of Instagrammers account follow a Music channel. But, Instagram is not an easy task without any proper guidance and understanding.

6 promotion tips to increase your Music score on Instagram in Coronavirus

6 Fundamental tips to promote Music talent on your Instagram account

You can easily post your images, solo and concert videos on Instagram without any hesitation. But, you have to go in particular strategical flow that really make you famous and increase your followers on Instagram.

1. First, you have to create an Business account on Instagram

You have to sign up on Instagram and create a profile after your name (you can also use a Brand name). Assign a best and catchy profile picture of yourself (add filter into it), filter helps to increase your visibility on Google. Convert your Instagram account into Business account, because Business account have lot of advanced features that we cannot found in personal account.

a. You can add Contact Button.
b. You can add Links to Instagram Story.
c. You can add your previous photo or videos that is highlights.
d. You can access and manage Instagram Analytics.
e. You can create Advertisement and integrate Facebook page.

So, just convert your personal account into Business account and promote your musical ability on Instagram.

2. Second, decorate profile wall of your Instagram account

You have to decorate your Instagram Bio including logo, photo, name, your mission (description), website links, contact details and your unique hashtags. You have to upload unique logo or image on your Instagram profile that catch user’s attention because catchy logo really increase audience engagement.

3. Third, use advanced tactics on your Instagram Music account

You have to use advanced and best tactics that not only increase followers in your Music profile but, these tactics also increase engagement ratio of your Images and Videos (solo, vocal and concerts). List of advanced tactics are:-

a. Create one or two special Hashtag that you have add in your Instagram profile and add these hashtags in every images you that will post on Instagram.

b. Add images, videos on Instagram Highlights button in your Instagram profile and denote highlight with special name.

c. Always add Story on Instagram Story buttons on your Business profile like event going videos, performer’s videos, practice videos, follower’s videos and new song notifications.

benfit of Music on Instagram increase trust score of your Musical.

These tactics will really help you in promoting your Music on Instagram Business account. If you really use these advanced tactics, you can increase your followers and fan base online.

4. Fourth, transfer your Facebook page into Instagram account.

If you have, any music related page (that you create earlier) into this Instagram business account. It helps to retain more audience from both Facebook and Instagram. In your Instagram application there is option that helps to connect your Instagram with Facebook.

a. You can directly run ads on Facebook adverts and your music promotion will resumes in both Instagram and Facebook.

b. This Instagram connection helps to run ads in both platforms i.e. Facebook and Instagram.

Contact Became Digital to transfer your Facebook into Instagram. Because we want to promote every Beginners musicians into Branded musicians without any spending penny on TV episodes.

5. Fifth, what type of posts you will post on Instagram?

Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform, it is different from LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. So, you cannot post just a text image or only link on Instagram (social media platform).

a. Images:- Post images that help to spread your music fame into Instagram community. Post image that spread information about your Concert planning, practice songs and your amazing song lyrics. Always post your image on Instagram with Best captions (about 50-60 character), then your 1-2 hashtags that spreads your unique music and then others music trending hashtags.

b. Videos:- Videos is most important assets for Musicians because videos is second most popular thing on Instagram. Use videos on your Instagram account to record your rehearsal, official music videos, Concert and thank you public videos. Like Images, you have to post your videos with captions (about 50-60 character), then your 1-2 hashtags that spreads your unique music and then others music trending hashtags based up on your Video matter.

c. Website Post:- Website is always necessary for Musicians because it helps to generate more revenue, create more audience and helps to spread awareness about your Music to your fans in minimum time. So, always give a link of your website on Instagram profile that helps to promote your tickets sale, videos views (because your videos is connected to YouTube).

Always include less than 30 Hashtags in your Image, Videos while posting on Instagram. Because Instagram Hashtags always tend to increase appearance of posts on particular hashtags. Use Hashtag generator, Sprout tools from Google and Bing search Engine because it helps to find you best and appropriate hashtags for your posts (Image and Video).

You can contact Became Digital and hire us anytime to promote your Music talent on Instagram just click Contact Us button now.

6. Sixth, when I will posts my post on Instagram and how to write best caption on Instagram??

You need to write down a particular strategy for Instagram for getting most likes and followers on Instagram.

a. In this Coronavirus Lockdown you can post at any time because people are free and cheering this Outbreak.

b. In normal days people are free from 8:00 am to 10:30 am and 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm, so post images on Moring time and post videos on evening time because in evening time people are tired, they does not want to read anything.

c. Best caption summarize that particular image or videos and try to start a conversion. So, always think more than two times before writing a caption.

d. Always try to understand other artist Instagram strategy and take a lesson on writing captions, image & videos creativity.

It’s important that Instagram does not let you add any clickable links into videos or image captions. So, always remain creative in adding links or hashtags.

Increase and promotion tips to your Music followers on Instagram in this Coronavirus pandemic

Above fundamental Marketing steps really promote your Music status among Instagram audience and increase your followers among Instagram family. Hope, Became Digital Blog help to solve your “How to promote my Music on Instagram?” question.

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